Wellness Care

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Nurturing Your Pet’s Wellbeing

Prioritizing Your Pet Through Comprehensive Wellness Care

At Riverlands Animal Hospital, we redefine wellness as an ongoing commitment rather than just an annual exam.

It’s an attitude of compassion and respect for your pet, a holistic approach encompassing every facet and every stage of their life.


Our Approach

Proactive and preventive veterinary medicine is the cornerstone of your pet’s lifelong health and happiness.

Whether your pet is a playful youth or a comfortable senior, our comprehensive wellness care considers vital aspects such as nutrition, exercise, attitude, behavior, mental acuity, physical condition, and lifestyle.

This all-encompassing approach aims to support you, the pet owner, in fostering and cherishing the human-animal bond through every stage of your pet’s life.

We firmly believe that this wellness attitude results in a more positive experience for pets and strengthens the enduring connection between them and their owners.

Our pets thrive with regular visits to their doctors. For our furballs’ early stages, wellness exams occur at 6, 9, 12, and 15 weeks, encompassing crucial vaccinations, meticulous parasite checks, and a thorough physical examination. As they mature, the significance of annual wellness examinations, recommended between 1 and 6 years, becomes evident, acting as a preemptive measure to detect and address potential medical, behavioral, and environmental issues before they escalate. These appointments also serve as an interactive platform to delve into recent breakthroughs in veterinary healthcare and nutrition, customizing advancements to suit your pet’s unique needs. Senior pets aged seven and beyond receive specialized wellness examinations, mirroring the annual checks but enriched with blood tests to assess organ functions. This tailored approach aids in detecting and managing conditions commonly associated with older pets, including glaucoma, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, dental issues, and heart conditions.

At each life stage, Riverlands Animal Hospital is your ally in safeguarding your cherished pets’ enduring health and joy.

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