Senior Pet Care

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Nurturing Health and Comfort in Their Golden Years

As our beloved pets gracefully age, their needs evolve, requiring specialized care and attention.


Tailored Wellness Plans

Our experienced veterinarians understand that senior pets may face specific health challenges. We create personalized wellness plans tailored to address the individual needs of your aging companion. These plans may include regular health check-ups, age-appropriate vaccinations, and screenings for common senior pet health issues.

Nutritional Guidance

Proper nutrition is key to supporting the health and vitality of senior pets. We offer nutritional guidance, recommending diets that cater to the changing nutritional needs of older animals. Specialized senior diets can aid in managing weight, promoting joint health, and addressing age-related conditions.

Pain Management and Comfort

Senior pets may experience discomfort due to arthritis, dental issues, or other age-related conditions. Our team is skilled in pain management strategies, ensuring that your pet’s golden years are as comfortable and pain-free as possible. We may recommend medications, supplements, or therapeutic interventions to enhance their overall well-being.

Regular Monitoring and Early Detection

Regular monitoring is crucial for early detection of age-related health issues. Through routine screenings, bloodwork, and diagnostic imaging, we aim to identify potential concerns in their early stages. Early intervention allows for more effective treatment and helps maintain a higher quality of life for your senior pet.

Compassionate End-of-Life Care

As pets enter their golden years, considerations for end-of-life care become significant. Our team at Riverlands Animal Hospital offers compassionate support, guidance, and options for pet owners facing end-of-life decisions. We strive to ensure a peaceful and dignified transition for both pets and their families.



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